Happy Birthday to my mother.

As the years go on, she gets more wonderful and I understand more of how wonderful she is.


I know from experience what a treasure you are.

Not only have I experienced your tender care as a mother, but I have also heard of your thoughtfulness, grace, patience, and creativity in caring for each of us kids differently. Your attentiveness sharpened and strengthened each of us.

Throughout the years, I have observed you interact with a number of friends. You are loyal, grace filled, a hilariously good time, and wise. As I grow older, I am so thankful to have the privilege of now having you as a friend. Your friendship is irreplaceable.

Who you are has shaped who I am immensely. Thank you for never ceasing to learn and to love.

Love you mom. Happy birthday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mommsies

  1. Thanks for the love sweetie! You all are huge gifts in my life even though I spent some of that time crying in the bathroom! XXOO Mom

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