I married a Prince.

Yes, Caleb is a prince of sorts. Though he has the characteristics that would dub him a fairytale prince, he doesn’t have the blood line. Or so we thought. This week’s rage about the royal wedding has been another story. Apparently Caleb is Prince William.

Caleb was first told he looked like Prince William while working in the hospital earlier this week. One of the nurses was convinced.

Then, our 7 year old friend, who we live with, was watching the royal wedding yesterday and claimed that Kate and William reminded her of me and Caleb.

That’s not the end of it.

Last night we went out to dinner to BJ’s. The restaurant is a brewhouse type bar restaurant with televisions everywhere playing sports, and last night, the replay of the royal wedding. As we were sitting at our table, I noticed all of the waiters looking at us. One waiter was going around to his colleagues, whispering, then walking our way and looking down at us… secretly I guess.This happened about 8 times within a two minute stretch. Though we are not positive as to why they were all staring in our direction, due to the previous and occurring events, we concluded that it is in fact caleb’s princely good looks.


2 thoughts on “I married a Prince.

  1. you know..the funny thing is, last night I was at Kasaundra’s watching replayed coverage of the Royal Wedding and as I was sitting there I said, “hey..him and caleb sort of look alike!”

    this is funny. and you two are so beautiful…love you.

  2. Oh that’s hilarious!! Josh (my sister’s Josh) always thinks someone looks like you. Although he doesn’t call you Elli, he calls you Rebecca Gafner because he think you look like Rebecca too. (Family friend, not famous.) Anyways, we’re always sitting down to a show and he is constantly saying, “Hey that girl looks just like your Rebecca Gafner.” And I know he’s talking about you. It’s usually the eye lashes. 🙂
    Glad to know you’re in the royal family! Great to have connect to posh affairs. I should by a fancy hat.

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