As of today, at 4:00pm, I completed my final paper/exam/assignment of my undergraduate studies. It was wonderfully captured by a wonderful friend as the final words were recorded in my take home essay…

Do you see that smile…full of anticipation! so good.

Because graduation is in five days, I will be using this week to attempt at some sort of memory countdown. Each day I will feature a fabulous memory of my time here at APU. There may be so many that I will get a bit aggressive and post a couple a day. Got to celebrate this place!

This first blast to the past was the first week of our freshman year here at APU. At the end of orientation week, they through a big carnival in one of the parking lots. I distinctly remember this night. I was already burnt out on the same conversation hundreds of times in a day: “Hi! What’s your name?! Where are you from?!! What dorm do you live in?!?! What major are you?!?!?!” And yes, somehow excitement and anticipation increased with every question as displayed in the noted exclamation.  However, I was pal’n around with my new and fabulous friend from across the hall miss Kalie Berve (now mrs. Kalie Wolfinger!). Here we are rockin’ out on the ferris wheel. It was waiting in line for this ride that I first met Caleb. Who would thunk, that 3 years later we’d be hitched! Miss pal’n around with you Kalie. It’s been a wild ride.


One thought on “Countdown.

  1. CELEBRATING WITH YOU FROM AFAR!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love you! Excited to hear you walk down memory lane. You’re DONE!!!!! 😀

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