Day one.

In four days, I will be saying good-bye to life as I have known it for the last 18 years. School has served as a defining factor to my life, internally and externally. Because this big shift is about to take place, I have taken moments to ponder what it may look like on the other side. Maybe some challenges? I have thought about who I want to be outside of academia. What habits do I want to start, end, or continue.

In all of these thoughts, laziness has been a looming temptation. I am drawn to a life of laziness. If I am not careful, a whole day could go by, and I have done nothing. Unless you include watching television shows and movies on Netflix and checking facebook a thousand times… nothing enitrely beneficial to myself or others. Those things are great in moderation. Moderation. Not excess. I just have this tendency to slug around. So, as the given structure of school disappears, I am faced with the daily choice of choosing laziness or life. To me, laziness is death. Death of the soul. Of all that makes you, you. I refuse to die while I am still alive.

Today was the first day. And thankfully, laziness has not won out. yet. It truly is a moment by moment decision. I feel almost like an addict of laziness. Really. It takes all of me to choose more healthy and beneficial life choices than nothingness. So I am thankful for today. And for ants-on-a-log. Fire-ants-on-a-log!

Thank you APU friends for the life you have brought to my soul. Here is to a few moments where life has happened. Thank you.


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