The Little Girl.

There was one time that Kalie and I were in some store, maybe Michael’s or Stater Bros. We were waiting in the cashier’s line. In front of us was a mom and her daughter. The little girl was around six or seven years old. We were staring at her as she was hanging from the wall and spacing out.

She looks up to her mom and says, “mom….why are those ladies looking at me?”

In a frustrated short tone, the mom snaps back, seemingly justified by our staring, and said, “BECAUSE, you are miss behaving!”

Unfazed, the little girl looks at her mom, then back at us: “No mommy… It’s because I’m BEAUTIFUL!”

Yes. Whenever I think about this moment, I always pray that she has not lost that. HA. So good. I love the pure heart in that.

I pray that as the childhood really ends… yet again…I am thankful for her untainted and fresh eyes. Leaving this season, may we adopt that sight, and always be ready to be refreshed. Thank you to all of those who have gone before us and who have committed to being refreshed.  Your humility, grace, and gentleness has shaped, transformed, and inspired us all. May we follow in your footsteps, honoring those to follow.


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