We have finished the first leg of our Nomadic wandering. Nomadic wandering may be a bit extreme. But we won’t be settling for a while. After graduating in early May, we spent the rest of the month packing, saying goodbye to friends, and soaking up the SoCal sun for the last time.

The trek up north to Portland, Oregon was full of excitement. We left clear blue skies in SoCal, hit torrential down pours and hail in Sacramento, and then snow in northern California and Southern Oregon. A quick 15 hours later we pulled up to the Cramer household where we were greeted with slobbery dog kisses, delicious food, parental lovin’, and high school study sessions.

With beautiful weather in Portland, we took advantage of every moment… after Caleb finished up his medical school application and sent those off. We went biking, walking, and swimming.

We got fresh and local eats at the Portland Farmer’s Market, and then enjoyed the purchases all throughout the week (thanks to the wonderful cooking of mom and dad). Portland is known for their funky food… this time around we checked out a little ice cream stand called Salt and Straw on Alberta Street. They have flavors like Balsamic Vinegar/Honey Strawberry with Black Pepper, Stumptown Coffee, Lemon Basil, Almond Roca… peculiar. Yet oddly delicious.

We celebrated the last Cramer finishing high school… Abby will be heading south to Azusa Pacific University in the fall. She finished well… we are proud.

Continuing our nomadic journey, we are spending the next couple weeks in Colorado with the rest of the Van Essen clan. We get to show some lovin’ to our new baby niece Selah, BBQ with the whole extended family, and take a few days to celebrate our 1 year anniversary up in the mountains. Before we know it, we will be on a plane heading to Kigali, Rwanda.

Along with the rest of you who are in the midst of your own nomadic journey… whether its a change in jobs, a new addition to your family, moving to a new place, having to make new friends, or nothing has changed yet nothing is the same… may we all embrace whatever is coming our way. May we practice faith and mercy. Much love to you, fellow travellers.


2 thoughts on “Nomads

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reading this just makes me miss you guys EVEN MORE than we already do. We think of you so much. I cannot believe it’s been only 10 days since we’ve not seen you – it feels like so much longer as we were used to seeing you every day. I was thinking of you this morning Elli, cooking with Mimi in the kitchen probably? Imagining you having lunch on the terrace with some desperate soul in need of your love. English class tomorrow eh? Tell them I miss them (though you probably won’t get this until after!). Your blog about us was just amazing to hear – know that we feel the same about you two.

    Can you e-mail us as I’m not sure where your e-mail addresses are.

    Tell us how the conference was – we were thinking of you lots! We are back to work tomorrow – looking forward to it. Everything here is quite strange, we’re not sure how we feel about being back. We miss you all so much.

    Katie x

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