It’s been a while, but still needs to be said. Daddy’s day was about a week ago. I wasn’t able to spend it with my dad, but man am I thankful for him.

As I’ve grown older, I realize more and more how good he has been to me… from day one. He has always loved me for me… no matter what. I have a sour-puss bone in me, and he was the one who worked to make sure that it wasn’t the dominant player in my life. He was always at my sporting events…and if he couldn’t make it, I know he wished he were there. He always wants to give me the best gifts. He never stops learning. Although he is quite opinionated, and we can butt-heads at times (I am a lot like him..), he is a man that wants to care for others and values difference. He seeks to respect others. And as I am becoming more of an adult every day (supposedly) he is letting become that…someone different than that sour-puss child/teenager. While those not-so-pretty bones are still alive and kickin’ in me, I live a different way. And my dad is giving me the chance to be that different person.

Dad, thank you for your love. I know you love me. Thank you for seeking our God and His gospel. I pray that you have the wisdom, strength, courage, and discernment to live it more fully. Thank you for you.

Happy Father’s day, yet again.


2 thoughts on “Daddio.

  1. Caleb and Ellie,
    We have been praying for you already and will continue to do so! Thanks for providing us with updated information. We love you! Uncle David and Aunt Marlene (and crew)

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