We’re Leavin’ on a Jet Plane… But we do know when we’ll be back again.

It has been a more-than-fabulous couple of weeks, here in the great state of Colorado. A few highlights:

Loving on our little niece, Selah.

Celebrating our first wedding anniversary in the Colorado Mountains.

Caleb went camping with some of his best buddies. They got destroyed (at least the car did) by hail the size bigger than a gold ball and enjoyed some fish who couldn’t quite escape the deafening blows (the hail knocked ’em right out and made for a delicious lunch the next day).

And of course, fabulous family time… laughing so hard water was spewed everywhere, and I’m sure someone wet their pants a little…we had so much fun we didn’t quite capture it on camera…except for the sibling domination in the adult frisbee league!

Amidst all of the excitement and great memories, we somehow managed to get everything else ready for our departure to Kigali, Rwanda. We are thrilled. If you are interested in learning a bit more about Rwanda and the current state of the country, here are some sources I have found to be helpful…Left To Tell by Immacule Ilbagiza, the major motion picture Hotel Rwanda, and the documentary As We Forgive (we rented it from the local public library).  I can’t really express in words as to how I am feeling about this opportunity… I just know that the great suffering that the Rwandan people have experienced has left behind some precious and remarkable individuals. There is a lot of pain, fear, and sadness, and yet so much hope, love, and joy at the same time. We are eager to learn and be transformed.

This blog will be our way of sharing stories, experiences, thoughts, etc, while we are away. Our goal (my goal) is to post at least once a week. I will do my best.

So, we leave just after midnight and won’t return until mid-September. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts,  words, and prayers as we head out on such a wonderful adventure. Know that you will be thought of… never forgotten. We will be keepin’ you posted!


4 thoughts on “We’re Leavin’ on a Jet Plane… But we do know when we’ll be back again.

  1. Thanks for taking the time and effort to let us share your adventure from afar. You know we will be praying for you both.
    Love you,

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