Chasing Daylight

Hopping on a plane at 1am July 1, we began chasing daylight as we headed east. Though we attempted to sleep strategically in hopes to minimize the effects of jet lag, all of that was worthless. I honestly, I don’t know if I have ever been more tired. Literally, we couldn’t keep our eyes open. As displayed by Caleb, we slept soundly in any position. We were unwakeable.
 A full 32 hours later, we finally set foot onto the sweet earth of Africa. Despite four changed planes and tremendous layovers, there were no complications: no delayed flights and every bag came rolling onto the conveyer belt without any hesitation.

Cal (our host) was there to pick us up. Before no time, we had navigated the curvy roads and were back to the house. We met Jean-Paul, a tall and slender Rwandan who works as the night guard and is a fellow resident here in the house. He is a wonderful man with a brilliant smile, and is currently going to University to study English. He speaks English quite well. We enjoyed some freshly baked cookies and visited a while with Cal and Mimi (our hosts) and their family that was visiting.

Well, we made it safe and sound. Thankful to finally be here—in terms of the long journey and the months and months of preparation.

And now for the interesting part of our time here…


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