Motos, Muzungus, and Mimi.

Motorcycle taxis are one of the main ways for transportation around the city. They are much cheaper than cars, more accessible than a taxi van, and quick. Thus, motos have been our means for transportation. After you bargain for the best price, you hop on and hope for the best. Most drivers are pretty cautious. I feel relatively safe.

A muzungu (moo-zoon-goo) is a white person. It is often the first thing said to you: “Muzungu! Good morning!” To most children, we are celebrities. When you are walking somewhere, you will often end the journey with 5-10 children at your side. To adults, being a muzungu is an excuse. They just smile and shake their heads…knowing that we just don’t know any better (whether it’s not knowing our way home or how you are suppose to buy eggs and produce at the grocery store). Fortunately, I have had the privilege of fitting both stereotypes. One afternoon, I was going back home on a moto-taxi…my first time going home alone. While I knew which sector we lived in, I apparently didn’t know which road to take from the main street—Muzungu move #1. So after I it was clear I had no idea where to go, I got off the taxi and just wandered. I walked up and down the main street looking for the turn thinking I would recognize the house on the corner. As I was walking, a little girl, 5 years old, started trailing behind me. Within five minutes, her three friends were right next to her. Five minutes later, five more girls joined, all about 10 years old—Muzungu move #2. One of the younger girls came up next to me and just held my hand as we walked. When I had walked far enough to know that my turn was not any further, I said goodbye and turned around, leaving the crowd behind.

Most of my time so far, has been spent around the house. Mimi is the woman of the household, and I can’t say enough good things about her. She has a fabulous sense of humor, is gentle, light-hearted, wise, intelligent, and peaceful to the core. I would say I am her disciple of sorts. She is teaching me to cook while bestowing pearls of wisdom in all things motherly, womanly, and wifely. It has only been a week, and I already feel I could go home a different person (in a good way).


4 thoughts on “Motos, Muzungus, and Mimi.

  1. Elli, this is the cutest blog post i’ve ever read! looking forward to hearing more of your adventures! and happy belated anniversary!

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