Yummy eats and groovey treats.

Saturday mornings are a special time for foreigners, especially Americans. African Bagel Company is a Co-Op here in Kigali, owned by both Americans and Rwandans, with the hopes of eventually being a solely Rwandan run company one day. Although they are open throughout the week, Saturday mornings consist of fresh donuts! The bagels, donuts, tortillas, and pizzas made here provide foreigners with a bit of comfort food from home. Although they were delicious, they haven’t caught the local’s fancy quite yet.

After donuts we ventured to the market. Mimi has built friendships with a few vendors, which made navigating the chaos much easier. We knew where we were going and what we wanted. First we bought fabric. Josephine, the woman Mimi buys from, just had a baby. Mimi brought a baby gift, some food, and celebrated the new life with her as we picked out some gorgeous prints. We then visited the seamstress who is going to sew some clothes for us from the fabric we picked (pictures to come next week). We then made our way to the fresh produce and got a week’s worth of groceries for $4. The vendors were under a covered area, with only 4ft of an aisle between each row. You could find anything from fabric or jewelry, to baskets and carvings, to phone covers and hammers. I’m sure we will be back to gather more goods sometime soon!


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