Four weeks ago, today, we met Katie and Peter at the Milles Collines (the famous hotel featured in the film Hotel Rwanda) for lunch and a swim. We had just arrived in the country, and they took us under their wings. They turned out to be wings of angels…Ha… however cliché and cheesy that may sound, man, is it true.

From the UK, they are both doctors, and have taken this past year to explore international medicine and reset some priorities. In Rwanda for the past 6 months, they have been teaching Rwandan medical students at the local university. Hilarious, brilliant, and loving people, they have empowered everyone around them.

We have been able to think and challenge each other, trying to figure out how to live a life after Jesus wherever we are at, whether in Portland, Leeds, or Kigali. Although we have only known them for 4 weeks, we feel like the best of friends. That said, don’t be surprised if we head off to the UK in the next few years. They tell us the house next door to them is up for sale. Until then, we are contemplating a hop across the pond once a year… at least.

We have learned to drink tea and speak English.
Minger/minging = disgusting, gross
Any joy? = did you have any luck/success?
Legend= a quality individual, not necessarily of old
The boot= trunk of a car
Jumper = sweatshirt, jacket

If nothing else from our time here in Rwanda, we have gained lifelong friendships. We love our Brits. Miss you guys.


4 thoughts on “Blimey.

  1. ugh. at last. its been tooooo long since I’ve heard from you. more details? maybe not everyone wants a lot more but these blogs just aren’t cutting it for me. they leave me hanging…. where have you been for over a week. telling me you’ll be MIA simply doesn’t suffice when I have no idea why you’ll be MIA. i miss you a lot.

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