All rolled into one.

These last few weeks have flown by so quickly that it is hard to get our feet on the ground. Here is a quick glance as to what we have been up to.

We had the privilege of spending a week camping, on the southern shores of Lake Kivu. For the past 50-70 odd years, Kumbya has been a home-away-from home for many missionaries. They hold a conference each summer, providing bible teaching, a nightly speaker, movie nights, and days filled with kayaking, swimming, cliff jumping, and relaxing. We got to see a whole other world through the eyes of these missionaries… some having been here only a few months, others having been born and raised here for the past 70 years. Caleb participated in the yearly tradition of a 6am, 1.5mile swim out to Three Hump Island in the middle of the Lake. He considered it step one in his Iron Man training, which he hopes to complete in May. He finished 5th, making it in 1h16m. I kayaked beside him. It was a beautiful morning. Mimi was the guest speaker. She told stories of her time as a child in the forests of Africa and reignited the souls of some desperate hearts. We bounced our way home over the rocky terrain, feeling refreshed and thankful for the week away.

When we are not doing other things, we are doing almost everyything. Vague, huh?
When Caleb is not at the hospital helping in surgeries….
…he is writing a billion secondary essays for medical schools. Although it is not actually a billion, it feels like it sometimes. However, we are thankful to have them to write. I think he has completed 8, and has 4 more to go. Next step is an interview.
…he is hanging curtains… or things of the sort. With that height, strength, and creative eye, his uses are endless around this household.
…he is killing bugs. From mosquitoes, to fruit flies, to these nasty wasp looking things, we both enjoy a good zapping with the electric bug zapper.

When I am not teaching English/working at the hospital/etc…
I am doing what I do most…hanging out with Mimi. We cook multiple meals a day, chat, visit the deaf school, visit the market from time to time, drink a coke together, and chat some more. My time with her is precious and priceless.

Some pieces of clothing I had made at the market.

We loved our undergraduate, and look back with fond memories. We also look towards our future with gratefulness that our time at APU has come to a close. It is time for others, like Abby (my sister), to make of it what she may. We are thrilled for her! Although we aren’t heading back this fall to hit the books, we both find ourselves back in the classroom this week. Caleb is attending a Pediatric seminar for Rwandan medical residents (8am-5pm every day this week). In some senses, it is like a CPR class on steroids. He is practicing some sort of inserting of a line into chicken bones and other things that I understand, but not totally. I am attending a Lay Counseling Training, which equips ordinary people with counseling skills (they meet for four different weeks throughout the year). With my background in psychology, I have ended up assisting in communicating ideas in a way that actually makes sense. To my surprise, we have had the privilege of learning from Dave Carder, a well-known, humble, and brilliant psychologist in the states. We have had a lot of fun. It makes me excited to go back to school, although not yet. Today, Caleb is coming with me! I am excited for him to see a bit more of what makes me tick…I love to learn and talk about how people work, why they do what they do, and how to help them do what they want to do. We are both excited for the day.

Our time here is almost coming to an end… Not really, but Caleb’s parents are coming in 3 weeks! We only have two more weekends before they arrive. Wowzers. We are thrilled for them to come, and shocked at how fast this time has gone. Love you all. Miss ya’ll.



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