Perfect timing. Muganda takes place the last Saturday of every month. Here is the jist of it to the best of my knowledge. The entire nation shuts down, and people gather together. Each area is broken into a Province, then Sector, then Village. At the head of each village is a Umudugdu (a mayor or chief of some sort). At 8am, the village comes together and cleans their area and completes any projects assigned by the government. Shortly following, a meeting is held to address the business and news of the village. Any government information is primarily distributed to the people during these meetings. It isn’t until about noon that the country resumes its daily workings. Like I said, this is what I have picked up from people here and there… I may be providing some misinformation, but for the most part, this is it.

Today is Muganda. For us, it was perfect timing. Caleb’s mom and dad, Diane and Del, flew into town in the middle of the night. We are thrilled for them to be here. Caleb and Del are going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro on Monday. Diane and I are going to stay in Kigali while they climb, visit some friends and show her all that we have done during our time. Then, we will join the boys in Tanzania for a four-day safari. We are so thankful to be able to share our experiences with them. That said, with the late arrival, it is just right that we aren’t allowed to do anything. We can’t go anywhere, which means we probably should sleep in and lounge around. Perfect.

Yesterday, Caleb and I made our last visits to the hospital. This next week will be my last classes I teach. Things are wrapping up. We are breathing every last breath of this African air…and all that comes with it.



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