Lah lah land.

We are at this time in our lives, where more so than other times, anything can change at a moment’s notice. While this is true for life in general, I think many people’s lives in their twenties turns upside down and backwards around before you can even blink an eye. The Man and I are in the midst of this medical school process. News could come at any moment, changing everything. It is exhilarating for me to imagine the fifteen different lives we could have next year… anywhere from Colorado to New Hampshire. He had his first interview with University of Colorado just a week ago. He loved the school, the people, and the program. So, as of now, we are completely locked onto life in CO.  We would take that acceptance in a heartbeat (we would really take any acceptance in a heartbeat… this is just a $25,000-a-year cheaper heartbeat). We could hear anytime between this Saturday and March.  So, as we live a life of waiting for acceptances and interviews, we are finding things to do…

1. I am mildly obsessed with this blog. I think she is brief, brilliant, and refreshing. Always a great entertainment for a monotonous day of job searching…

2. Caleb is making us a bed. This deserves its own post. I will be documenting the inspiration, final product, and everything in between.

3. We are both attempting to stay active as the weather turns for the worst. Caleb got a sweet bike off of Craig’s list to start training for an Iron Man, and I am just forcing myself to get to the gym every day. Without Caleb’s motivation and discipline, I think I would be lost.

4. We are exploring the beautiful city of Portland. We have been to a Greek festival, hiked in the gorge (which was GORGEous), and this week we are heading to the pumpkin patch with some friends..corn maze and all.




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