here kitty kitty…

This is Chleo. She rules the roost at my friends place.

I grew up with, and now have returned to, Mr. Chew. He has long since been the king of this kingdom… fighting and destroying anyone or thing that would threaten his territory.

I want a kitty.

But I don’t.

I want to have a furry little thing, that has a goofy name and strange quirks. I think I would name our kitty something like Roberta, Francis, Artie, or George. I love that cats do what they want. They are stubborn, bratty, fickle.

And for all the reasons I love them, and love the idea of having one, I don’t. I don’t want furniture clawed at, I don’t want litter box air freshner, and Caleb doesn’t want any part of kittydom.

So, for now, no kitty. But know that I am secretly loving all you other kitties out there… and your kitty owners 🙂





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