Today was one of those mornings… Just woke up on the wrongside of the bed. Poor people don’t even have a chance. Every smell and sound was magnified and horrified in my mind. Simple things, like another’s breathing, made me want to lash out in a fit of rage. How sad. And frightening. I managed to get out of the house without taking anyone’s head off, just in time to choose a different way.

That is not who I want to be. And yet, I found myself wanting to hold onto the bitterness (from who knows what) and the frustration (again, no concrete explanations for that). I decided it didn’t matter if there was something that had been done to me (a poor me). I was not going to take justice into my own hands today. I let that go. I was holding onto anger, bitterness, and crankiness, and instead I took up hope, freedom, and peace–which is already mine because of Jesus.

Set straight, I headed out for the day. Taking advantage of a break in traffic, I rolled through a stop sign…. happened to be in front of a cop. yep.

Immediately the adrenaline kicked in. One keen on following the rules, getting into trouble is maybe one of my worst nightmares. Shaking, I rolled down the window and gave her my info. Because of my spotless record, I got a warning. Not stopping at a stop sign, is a $287 fine. Ouch. So thankful for mercy–and traffic school for your first offense to remove it from your record.

Thankful that my slate has been wiped clean in more ways than one. Thankful for new beginnings and new ways. And so thankful that it is not because of my own doing that I am changed.


2 thoughts on “Grace.

  1. oh, i do wish i could have been in the car…i just can’t imagine elli cramer…weird, that was my natural instinct to write that…correction: van essen….getting pulled over.

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