Lifetime Resolution.

When Mimi was about 30, she realized that she wasn’t the woman she had intended to be.   Nothing way out of left field, but off the mark enough to cause a major reevaluation as to what her true priorities were. Long story short, she thought, “who do I want to be when I am 80 years old.” She made a list of a handful of things… a woman of contentment, a woman of wisdom, and a woman of prayer, were just a few. Knowing in which direction she wanted to head, she began practices and habits that would actually take her there, and turn her into that woman. She is 65 now, and I would say that she is all of those things in abundance. A life of discipline and devotion has and is bearing much good fruit.

I have made a few resolutions, but then decided I wanted to get the big picture in order to take the tiny steps needed to complete the masterpiece. I want my resolutions, among other things, to lead me towards becoming the person I hope to be at 80. So, I began with my lifetime resolutions. At 80, I hope to be a person of…

Peace. Humility.Thankfulness. Wisdom. Prayer. Hospitality.

My yearly resolutions will then lead me towards this woman. I will start by finding and mastering 10 recipes that we like, and learn to prepare them ahead of time– ready to be pulled out of the freezer the night of. My hope is that when our life is busier than it is now, medical school – and later on kids – that this contributes to peace-filled evenings when dinner doesn’t have to be “another thing on the list.” I will be less consumed by the small tasks of the moment, and more able to focus on the better things, like being with those around me. I am hoping to make one recipe a week throughout this year. Round one was delicious. Yummy shrimp cakes with asparagus, brown rice, and cabbage salad. This one is a keeper.


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