Little monkeys.

I have completed my first full week as a preschool teacher. Days are full. A good full. Most of the time. It’s a new job. Steep learning curve. I am thankful that my coworkers, kids, and parents are kind and supportive. I wish I could post pictures and video clips. Sometimes, you just have to be there. Like when you’ve got a kid chillin’ on the toilet… pooping…wearing sunglasses. Hilarious.

Three highlights from the week…

We go for walks throughout the city. Each little monkey grabs a loop on a rope, and we head off. We decided we should be quite lions as we were heading out of the building, then give a giant ROOOOAR once we reached the open air. The rooooooarrriiing scared a little one, so we quickly changed characters. I decided it was time we just be ourselves. I look down, and a little girl drops her head in utter disappointment, “I, I don’t want to be myself. I don’t want to be a kid.”

Me: “Whaaat?! Why not, my friend?”

Sweet pea: “I don’t like being a kid. I have just been a kid for so so many years… I am tired of it.”

O goodness. A teenager stuck in a 3-year-old’s body.

We were out on our nifty little playground when one of the crazies came over, explaining through tears how he was pushed over by one of his buddies. I grab the other one and try to hear what happened. His first words: “But, but, but, I, I, we were both making bad choices. I made bad choices and he did too! We were both making bad choices!” HA! Yes…yes you were. Bad choices. We say that there are no bad guys, just guys who make good choices or bad choices. Sometimes, the bad choices are just too tempting to say no to- even when it’s pushing your buddy on the playground.

And of course, what would a week be without a potty accident. earlier in the week we had a little pee-pee accident… started peeing while eating snack. Scooped em up, pee dripping, running them to the toilet. Come on- ha.

I appreciate how simple things are with these little guys. You just ask. Smelling something poopy? “Do we need to go poop?” Most of the time they tell the truth. However, after a few potty breaks and much questioning, things were still smelling a bit funky. I had the most likely Smelly Pants come with me to the bathroom to check is pants. Bingo. One nice big pooper. Slapped the gloves on, scraped the poop off the undies, wiped the little one down, and put him in a clean change of clothes- just in time for mama to rescue prince charming.

Loving time with the new little monkeys in my life. Poop and all.


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