Looking out for each other.

I have already failed at a post-a-week. O well. Here we are once again. Survived another week with those little urchins. If I could post pictures I could. If It was legal, I would record them. As you read the following conversation, please insert your own 3/4 year old speech impediment and cutie little face expression. The innocence. It makes everything okay.

Potty Talk: While potty talk does happen, and it’s not okay, this potty talk made the cut.

monkey: on the toilet… “I pooping.”

teacher: “That’s great buddy, let me know when you are finished and I will help you wipe.”

monkey: “O, but I don’t need help.”

teacher: “You can wipe first and then I will just make sure you got it all, ’cause it is hard to get all of it sometimes.”

monkey: “ya! Cause it’s hard to get all of it sometimes.”

teacher: “ya. And you know sometimes we need help when we get older too.”

monkey: “O.”

” I will help you.”

Thanks. Beautiful.






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