One more year.

Caleb is going to be a doctor.


He found out he was accepted to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a wonderful finisher to a great week.

First Valentine’s Day… a sweet day of love. Caleb decorated our room with sticky notes that said “I love you,” a reminder of our Valentine’s day two years ago when he covered my dorm room with sticky notes.

The next day, was my birthday. Got to have dinner with some great friends and enjoyed the anticipation of a surprise weekend away!

The next day, I came home from a long day away to a trail of letters spelling CREIGHTON (pictured above). So sweet.

The next day we headed off for a weekend away to Pacific City! We stayed in a wonderful Bed and Breakfast just off the beach. Quiet and peaceful. Just how I like it.

So so grateful.


One thought on “One more year.

  1. hey there sister. you and my brother are beautiful together. Im thankful for your love for one another and I cant wait to see where the Lord guides to both. It’s amazing to see what God can do with our lives when we just lay our trust in him. He provides. Hallelujah. love you. im truly thankful for you and who you are. you’re a beautiful daughter of christ and sister of mine ❤

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