My snoodlypoo.

We got some sweet time together this weekend, me and my man. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for him. Amidst my craziness, anger, melancholy, and occasional better moments, Caleb is abundant in patience, gentleness, humor, adoration, and wisdom.

I read this over the weekend. I am eager to move toward this. My love and I moving towards Our Lover:

“And it is only later, after I ask the priest, that I learn something about the elderly couple who, near the end of the Communion train, come to the rail and kneel, fragile as mushrooms.

What I learn later is that for a dozen years, he has been afflicted by a wasting disease, an intestinal disease that makes it almost impossible for him to eat– he lives on Ensure and lemonade. But at the altar I don’t yet know that, I only know what I see: they each take a wafer from the priest; and when I come to them with the chalice, the wife dips as I say ‘The Blood of Christ keep you in everlasting life,’ and she eats her wafer, and then her husband likewise instincts his round of Christ’s Body into the wine and then he hands the round of Body and Blood to his wife and she eats his wafer for him. There at the Communion rail, I don’t yet know what illness lies behind this gesture, I know only the couple’s hands and mouths, and that I am seeing one flesh.” (Still, by Lauren Winner, pg. 38)


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