Slightly Obsessed.

We went out to visit our friends in Bend back in March. We were having baked enchiladas, and they were talking about how we needed to get some honey greek yogurt? We said, “whaaat?” Supposedly, it was an absolutely delicious and a perfect healthy substitute for sour cream.

We got back to Portland, took their word for it, and bought some Honey greek yogurt. We are obsessed. It’s not only a perfect sour cream stand-in, but its good as a dressing on a salad, a heartier alternative to milk on cereal (feeding Caleb we are always looking for heartier options), and of course just sweet enough to be a deliciously satisfying dessert. It may just be one of the most essential foods in a refrigerator. We are probably the last ones on the block to catch on to this secret (that probably isn’t a secret at all), but in case you have been living in a cave like we have, welcome to the light. Go buy yourself some honey greek yogurt.


One thought on “Slightly Obsessed.

  1. Elli, you aren’t the only one…I recently discovered greek yogurt and am obsessed as well. I seriously can’t get enough of it:) Hope you are doing well, congrats to Caleb (Engstrom Dad) for getting into medical school- that is Amazing- praise God! Anyways, Enjoy england and all your magical adventures with the hubby!

    love you dearly- MO

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