Glam girl.

I wouldn’t consider myself a glam girl, but since working with little ones, I do my nails every Sunday. It’s the little things that get you in with the little monkeys. When I say “get you in,” I mean so they like and respect you enough to listen to you. For the boys, it’s being the tickle monster, playing chase, and listening to them explain their new battleship structure or giant castle, that gets you in. The girls, on the other hand, what gets you in are things like bows, too-toos, pigtails, and nail polish.

So I paint my nails a new color every Sunday night. It is usually some variation of pink. A few weeks ago it was light pink, then a red-pink. This week, its pink glitter sparkles. I know. How could it get any better? They notice every time. Maybe, before I leave, I will wear a dress, with my hair in pigtails, a headband with a bow on it, and a fresh coat of pink nail polish… the epitome of life as a preschool girl… or a preschool teacher I guess.


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