Wipe Out.

After all of the hundreds of miles and hours upon hours Caleb has ridden training for the Iron Man, he just had his first wipe out. At mile 51, only 9 miles to go before he finished his 4 hour ride, something fell into his helmet and stung him. At the very same moment, his chain fell off. In the commotion of it all, he went down. After a broken helment and some definite wounds, he is okay. Thank you Lord.

The perks of living with a wonderful doctor is that you get immediate medical attention. Almost the moment he walked in the door, Caleb had these clear, “second-skin”, bandages slapped on him. He hurts, but he is a trooper. And of course he biked the remaining 9 miles after the fall after making sure nothing was broken. Although, he did not do the additional half hour run after the ride. Wise man. He will take some mending, but I have no doubt will be back at it in no time… probably tomorrow morning with a long swim.

Love my iron man.


2 thoughts on “Wipe Out.

  1. WILD! Scary. So glad he’s ok! Let’s just say I would NOT be continuing one more inch of a mile after falling! But I also wouldn’t be brave enough to do an Iron Man lol…

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