Ceeelebrate Good Times Come On!!

Caleb and I are striving to be people who rejoice. We want to be exuberantly thankful. One way we are cultivating that in our lives is committing to be people who celebrate. We had a friend during our time in Rwanda, who was from the neighboring country of Burundi. She talked about how every time she came home there was always a party for her welcome. They throw a party for any reason they can find.

I wouldn’t say I am a party animal. HA! But, we celebrate because it lets people deeper into our hearts, letting them into our joys and desires, thanking them for the fact that they were a part of the journey bringing us there. By celebrating we live the life that is given us. It moves us to stop. To breath in the goodness we have been given for that time. It allows us a moment to let that gift we are celebrating, sink into our souls as another moment to remind us of God’s goodness and graciousness.

I think inviting others into our celebrations, no matter how “small,” keeps us humble, vulnerable, and genuine. It is allowing others to see our real selves. Like I said, allows them to see our joys and desires– what we hope for. Caleb is good at this. He makes a point to share with his buddies about things that make him excited: a new art project, his training for the Iron Man, or something interesting he read. He shares those things because he wants to always be open to those in his life, to keep himself accountable, to keep letting them into his most tender parts.

So, we are CELEBRATING! Caleb is into Medical School! It has been years leading up to this, and we are thrilled to be able to do this journey together, and for him to be able to do work that he is passionate about, that challenges him, and that he find purpose in. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you who have been a part of our lives in different ways during this season and beyond it. Thank you… to those you could be there and to those you couldn’t.


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