Book: French Babies.

I loved this. Druckerman presents research material and practical advice in an entertaining manner. It was fun for me, working at a preschool, to read about parenting methods and France’s early childhood care. I imagine, for parents, it may be a refreshing and enlightening approach. Besides parenting, it is a neat look into expatriot living and another culture. I highly recommend this for anyone who is a parent, going to be a parent, likes kids, likes France, or is just curious. You will be entertained.



Also, read this blog about friends today. Been thinking about friendships… how they grow, change, end, and how I participate in all of that. Especially as we are moving to a new place, and a new life for a bit, how am I going to be a friend to old and new friends… and all the types of friends that means.


2 thoughts on “Book: French Babies.

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