Road Trip!

Our nomadic life is entering its final stage… for a time. Tomorrow we head out, uhaul packed, to Colorado. We are making a couple pit stops through national parks (Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Tetons). We are planning to roll into Colorado Sunday where we will remain for at least the month of July. Caleb is doing an Iron Man Triathlon on July 29th in Sterling, CO… so he will be training, and acclimating to the altitude. If we have heard nothing from University of Colorado Medical School at that point, we will drive onto Nebraska where Caleb starts August 1st at 8am!

We are soaking up this last day with family, delicious Oregon strawberries, and sneaking in some of the Olympic Trials. Because I was an enthusiastic packer, all of our books that we haven’t read are snug in boxes. So, our trip will consist of rereads and a couple left on the ipad my brother gave us (thank you joejoe). Here are a few we have loved over these past few weeks…
This is a nice perspective and description of the sabbatha and its essence. Its concepts align a lot with my studies of the Christian faith as hospitality, and I love that. Caleb and I are excited to read more about the Sabbath and really figure out how we live this. I recommend this for any follower of Jesus. According to Heschel, Sabbath is about a reminder of God as Creator and a heavenly rhythm.


This is a reread for me… and one of my favorites. I first read it in a Psychology of religion class in college, then again on our honeymoon, then again during our trip in England. It is a beautiful, and true, story of a pure, faithful, and honest love. A rare love. More than that, the insights on faith and pain are profound. This is one I will always have in my library, always recommend, and always reread…again, and again, and again.


This is a painful reflection of a father of a son addicted to Methamphetamine. It’s a powerful and intimate window into the effects and experiences of a family of an addict. After reading this part of Sheff’s journey, I feel better informed personally and professionally, and more understanding of addiction and the reality of those it touches. Sheff writes in a way that is informed, vulnerable, and honest. Highly recommend for those who encounter people with addiction in the work place, if you know or were or are and addict, or if you want to understand different people a bit better. It is tragic and painful to read at moments, triumphant and brilliant at others… as so is their journey with addiction.



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