The Eagle has landed… for a moment.

After nearly a week, we arrived safely in Caleb’s hometown of Littleton, Colorado. We have been greeted by 90+ degree weather, excited family, and plenty of fun activities on the docket. Very gratefully, we had a smooth and simple journey south.

First we headed north towards Montana and spent a full day hiking through Glacier National Park with the Woods and Katie, great friends from APU.

Next stop, Yellowstone. Once we headed out of Glacier, the weather turned hot. We lathered on the sunscreen and enjoyed the uniqueness of Yellowstone. We made our rounds to Old Faithful, the Grand Prismatic Spring, and made sure to spot a few bison.

Then we hit the Grand Tetons, Caleb’s favorite. He loves the jagged-snowcapped mountain peaks. We only spent a morning here before we made the rest of the trek to Colorado. We did a beautiful hike to Lake Taggart and Lake Bradley.

So Denver it is, for now!


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