IRONMAN. He is an Iron Man.

Where to start. These last two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, but first things first… Caleb is an Iron Man!

Sunday, July 29, 2012, in Sterling, CO, Caleb competed in a full distance Iron Man triathlon while his dad, Del, and brother, Seth, competed in the half distance Iron Man triathlon. Here is the play by play.

Saturday evening prepping for the race… applying their tats to be identified throughout the race.

The three of them had matching shirts to wear during the run, thanks to Seth’s brilliance, and Keely’s graphic skills!

After a short night, the boys geared up for the race to begin at 7am. The swim is first, followed by the bike, and then the run.

GO BOYS GO!!! Diane and I were there cheering them on! She had shirts made to look like the boys’…. we were an overwhelming presence…spotted from miles away!

Seth and Del came out of the water first, swimming 1.2 miles in 45 minutes!

And off they went!! As Del and Seth headed out on 56 miles of biking, Caleb was just about to come out of the water after 1h15m, completing a 2.4 mile swim.

Before we knew it, Caleb was out on the road. Diane and I packed up and headed out too. We went along their route and stopped every few miles to cheer them on.

First we spotted Caleb and gave him a good “YOOP YOOP!” as we drove by.

Then we saw the boys, and then Caleb again. And then the boys again. Eventually, we worked our way back to the transition point to see the boys off on their run!

We saw the guys off on their 13.1 mile run, and then went back out to cheer Caleb on. At this point, it was about 103 degrees. Really hot. Unfortunately, Caleb hit some strong wind on the second half of his ride that slowed him down a bit. He was ready to be done with that ride… 6.5hrs later.

Thanks to our orange shirts, he could spot us from a mile away. We would cheer him on as he passed, then drive ahead a few miles and do it all over again.

Before Caleb finished his ride, Del and Seth finished their run, completing the Half Iron Man!! We are so proud of them! They greeted Caleb during his transition from the bike to the run. After the 112mile ride, Caleb was already starting to cramp in his legs… did he stop? No. He ended up running 26.2 miles with a cramps. Unbelievable.

About an hour and a half into Caleb’s run, the weather changed from blistering hot, to thunder storms. For 2 hours straight, it absolutely poured with scatterings of hail. Although it was nice to cool off, apparently the hail was a bit unnecessary.

After 12hours and 45minutes, Caleb crossed the finish line in 7th place!! Del ran him in where he was greeted by a sea of orange!

We got the break down on the day…

…and tended to his needs, as he could not move.

We are in recovery now! He is moving around okay, but he is definitely feeling every muscle in his body. He claims it was the hardest thing he has ever done. Not sure that another one of these is in our future… at least not near future for sure. Instead, he decided to try out medical school. Ha.

We are so proud of our Van Clan! Well done boys!


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