For those who love and are loved by him.

One of my favorite parts of Caleb’s orientation week at Creighton Medical School was a family and friends presentation. A few faculty presented the curriculum and services provided through the university, and then a couple second year medical students shared. They mentioned a few of their own experiences that may help friends and family support their loved one during the next four crazy years. Here’s what I learned…

1. Never ask or pressure about grades… they put enough pressure on themselves.
2. Call, but don’t expect a call, or a long call, back. They are REALLY busy. But they love being called, knowing they are thought of.
3. Most of the time, they won’t want to talk about school. Be okay with talking about yourself and what’s going on with you… they need a break from thinking about school.
4. Cards and care packages are a greatly appreciated.

Because I get to live with my medical school loved one, these things will be a little different, but great thoughts for the reality of medical students. So I guess we will see what is true for Caleb… how this medical school experience will be for him…


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