Fairs and friends.

This weekend we made friends!

First we went to the Iowa State Fair, then we went to a married people BBQ, and then we got together with Mckenzie and Michael [Caleb went to high school with Mckenzie, and now her husband Michael is a first year at Creighton Dental School.]

Iowa was wonderful. We got to stay with one of Caleb’s classmates and his family. They were wonderful and so generous. We headed to the state fair saturday… absolutely everything was fried and on a stick.






This is a butter sculpture of a cow… life-size…



The largest bull cow…I think it was 2,500 lbs…



And the largest boar… that can’t stand because it is so huge….1,300 lbs…


And you can’t go to a state fair without matching outfits!

We had a blast. Obviously.

The rest of the weekend was a hit as well. We met some great people at the BBQ, and Mckenzie and Michael are fabulous. We are thrilled to be able to share these next few years together.

Things are going swell here… everything is starting to come together…


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