New in town.

Maybe this would happen in any city, but being a newbie here in Nebraska has definitely paid off.

First off, there have been multiple times I have gone into a store, and some one comes in yelling, “WHO’S FROM OREGON?!”–having seen my license plate. They are so excited because they are from there, now living in Omaha, or they have some family there. They go on about how great it is out there, and why am I out here?! They talk up Omaha and how great it is. Very friendly.

Then there are those people who can relate to being newbies in this town. Just the other day I had to go to the Mac store for some technological help. Because I am new and we are in medical school–he has just been here for 2 years, and his wife had done grad school too– [and maybe me being a girl helps], he gave us a free replacement battery… when we should have paid full price. I don’t know if I give off a helpless-and-desperate vibe, I don’t feel that way, but people want to help in anyway they can… make the transition to Omaha a great one.

O the perks of being a newbie..



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