“official,” but not official.


Things are going great. We are happy. I am happy. Glad to be here. So thankful.

As you can see… I officially live in Omaha, Nebraska.

But if I am being honest, it’s not heart official quite yet.

I was talking to another newbie-friend… we both are doing great being here in this new place. Then there are these little moments. One time it was because a piece of furniture I wanted at the Salvation Army Store was gone before we had the chance to buy it! Dang! (it was really neat… unique…had good plans for that L-shaped bench).  Or today, I just woke up and had no idea where I was. Then I realized I am in Oooomaha. Omaha. Nebraska. No family or friends. I don’t know the town. Or anyone in it. 

I know, sounds so depressing. But the moments are brief. They come and then go. I’m sure anyone who has moved to a new, and possibly random, place might relate to some of these moments. You were/are great overall and in most moments. Thankful for most moments, and the brief slightly depressing ones too. We are growing and changing, which is a great thing.



One thought on ““official,” but not official.

  1. Ellie,
    I totally can relate to how you are feeling! Word of wisdom: get involved. Find a church: get involved. Get involved in the community in things you enjoy. Eventually, you will learn to love things about the city and state. Like, find cool hiking trails. Take a weekend and explore something you’ve heard someone talking about. Or visit a monument there. Create a list, and explore. It takes time, and a heart as you clearly said, but your attitude is what brings them all together. Your heart can be in it, but if your attitude isn’t showing it, then you’ll still feel down at times, too. Hope this helps. I love reading your updates! 😀

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