Labor Day weekend. A moment of no laboring.

We had a blast this weekend. Much needed time together. Caleb had a big test on Friday (did well) and so he let loose for a couple days. We hit up the farmers’ market Saturday morning, then set off to create! The salvage yard was our next stop. We have been cooking up some plans for a bookshelf and mirror. After getting our materials, we set right to work… and didn’t really stop. We took mini breaks for ice cream and a movie and to eat every so often. But we loved making things together… mostly me telling Caleb what to create.


We got this table for free from the person we bought our couch from on craigslist. We need a bit more color in the living room… thus…

Don’t worry… it’s not as pink as it looks. Although it is a coral red 🙂 Actually… Sunset Skyline.


I have realized that decorating on a budget, means working with what you have. That means working with what is at the salvage yard. If you want something in particular, you usually have to fork out some $$. So, we saw what was at the salvage yard, and then started dreaming as to what we could do with it.

Scary, huh?

The Door is not in our house yet (the life of a compact car), but visualize. Soon to be seen in our living room!

PROJECT 3: MIRROR… still in progress

Old mantel pieces, spray painted gold. I know.

Still in the process of attaching frame to mirror, but here is a sneak peek of the final product!

When we could manage to pull ourselves away, we got a treat at a famous, practically historical, staple of Omaha: Ted & Wally’s Ice Cream.

So thankful for such a wonderful time doing wonderful things. Only the beginning of wonderful adventures in this new place.


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