A few of my favorite things.

We are still putting the house together, personalizing it. Caleb found this gem last week when we were wandering through a cute little part of town. In case you didn’t know, I can.not.wink. It’s painful to witness, but for caleb it’s a guaranteed laugh-fest. So this card is framed and on display in our living room[on our door shelf]!

In my adult life, I have never owned a pair of sunglasses[or a hat]. But after spending some time in Colorado this summer, I was informed of how you can damage your retinas by not wearing sunglasses! In Oregon, sun damage wasn’t much of an issue… there isn’t much sun. So, I got myself a pair of sunglasses, that I actually wear. I wear them all the time. And not just out of fear. I like wearing sunglasses now. Go figure. Got these on sale at anthropologie[wish I could own everything in the store].

Also on sale at anthro, this fabulous watch. This was a therapeutic purchase during the first weeks of our time here in Omaha. Something familiar and fun. That was a really good day.


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