True believers.

I’m just turning the last pages on this recommended-to-me-gem. Bob Goff, the author, simply tells about how great life’s adventure has been because he is following Jesus.

People have loved this book. I was walking on Creighton’s campus the other day, and this random guy yells, “LOVE DOES!!……… BEST.BOOK.EVER!” And just kept walking.

I’ve liked it. I began reading it, and thought… these stories sound familiar! Caleb and I visited some friends in Bend, OR this last year. We went to church with them, and guess who was guest speaking… BOB GOFF! It has been neat to have a face to put to these stories. A face and a voice and quirky mannerisms. In the short amount of time we saw him on stage, a few things were clear. He has an unmatched enthusiasm. He is joyful, and clearly ready to jump on any adventure train passing by. He is inspiring and refreshing. And a bit of a goof.

But I can’t say he surprises me. I’ve seen people just like him before. They are people who clearly and actually believe Jesus. They trust that what Jesus says is true. That because of Jesus, they don’t have to earn or prove that they are worth something in this life. They believe what He says, that seeking His kingdom of peace, love, and joy are all that matters. And that giving your life for others is what truly makes life full and good.

I’m thankful for the faith of others, like Bob Goff [and Shane Claiborne, Francis Chan, Mother Teresa, etc.].

I want to be someone who obviously believes. And gets to live the greatest adventure because of it.


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