Out of towner.

I get two responses when people hear I am from Oregon:

1] “O Wow! Weeellll, Omaha is GRRREAT! Everyone is so nice! You will love it here!”

The second group of people are the ones who have been out of the midwest/actually been to Portland…

2] “Oooo… I’m sorry…why did you come out here?!”


Group 1 is right… everyone is really nice and it is great. At the same time, I don’t know why anyone would chose to move here?[now I’m going to be a little dramatic] There are poop pockets everywhere… every street drain wafts sewage-smell. So a nice evening walk, is bound to hit at least 4-5 of these wafted pockets. There are few–very few– trails for hiking, biking, or running. The city is not pedestrian friendly, with a somewhat weak downtown, and not much to do besides eat and drink.

Sound miserable?! It’s really not. There’s a great farmers market, an awesome second-hand store [that makes me think I’m in Portland…you have to bring your own bag], and an o-so-Portland coffee shop. Love afternoons with the hubber dubbers and a good cuppa coffee[celebrating getting a job/enjoying my last day of “freedom”].

O the good life in the midwest…there’s nothin’ like it.


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