I took a vow of comfortability today… I bought these suckers for the frigid winters here in the Heartland.

They are unbelievably comfortable. I am so pleased. I am only buying comfortable shoes from here-on-out. At least that’s what I should do.

We were also reminded today, of another, more previous, commitment.

Coming away from our time in Rwanda, Caleb and I made a commitment to discomfort. My brother-in-law wrote a blog that nails it. Bottom line: we are aware when we are uncomfortable. Discomfort is different than recklessness. But, very much the same as risk.

Moving to a new place, we’ve had to start from scratch. Although it’s hard, it’s an incredible opportunity: a perfect time for change. My theory: it’s hard, because of the great weight, and reality, of responsibility. I am making my life in these moments.

I can talk all I want about how the world could be or should be, and who I want and hope to be, but all of that is dependent on today. That said, I have taken this move fairly seriously. I want to be intentional about how we spend our free time, the kind of people we are pursuing, where we live, or what church community we are a part of. So, as we move through these parts of our lives, we are trying to maintain a position of awareness. And one way we know how to do that is through discomfort.

When all is said and done, the ultimate comfort comes from the great I AM. And yet, it is usually the most uncomfortable places that we are most aware of that I AM. That’s where we hope to stay… comforted in uncomfortable places.


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