Back with the Monkeys.

It’s just over a week now that I am back with some little monkeys. Still learning the ropes of the new place, but definitely holding my own amidst these ferocious creatures. A few things I have been reminded of…

Working with kids is like walking into a cloud of yuckies. At all times, at least one monkey is bound to be sneezy, snotty, coughy, and covered in potty germs (they are still learning how to wash hands well). It takes a body a few months to build an immune system of steel… or maybe it’s just that long until you figure out you need lots of rest, immunity supplements, and a crazy hand washing routine! That said, I am battling a minor bout of head congestion and am attempting a 9 o’clock bedtime[emphasizing attempting].

The little monkeys have also reminded me of my inner child… or adulthood neurosis. Most kids hit a point, usually mid to late morning or afternoon [right before nap time, and an hour before pickup], when all they want is mommy. They want to go home. Going to school each day, learning new numbers, letters, and concepts, on top of learning how to interact with your peers in a positive way… it’s hard work. It’s exhausting. And it’s even harder to do it without the people you love and who love you most. I can relate. It’s hard being away from the people you love most when you have to work on such hard stuff. Sometimes all we want is a hug from our mommy, a snuggle with our puppy, or smoochy from our hubber dubbers.

Although I’m a little under the weather and “missing my mommy,” I love the little ones. I find so much purpose and joy in knowing them and making them known.


2 thoughts on “Back with the Monkeys.

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