Colorado babes.

The last weekend of September we got to be in Colorado. Originally we were heading back to throw Keely, our sister-in-law, a baby shower for the little twins that were cookin’. However, they came early! Thus we still threw the shower, and got to meet our newest niece and nephew!

Born at 31 weeks, Daylin and Kellan needed a little extra lovin’ in the NICU. Now, three weeks later, they are showing the world what they are made of it… and it’s good stuff. They are progressing rapidly… it will be good to get them home!

Kellan and Daylin at 3 weeks

Keely and Daylin at 2 weeks

Kellan getting some snuggles (3 weeks)

And Caleb got to put some of what he was learning to practice, thanks to the gracious nurse…

We are so thankful for these two. It was such a treat to be with family. Already looking forward to when we can get back there.


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