Movie Wisdom

Twisted my ankle pretty bad while walking this morning. So, I decided to watch a movie and put my foot up for a bit. Stumbled upon Finding Forrester [A hermit author and brilliant teenager develop a friendship over their mutual love for writing].

It’s a powerful movie with gems of truth throughout… here are just a couple…

“The key to a woman, is unexpected gifts and unexpected time.” I would have to agree… maybe not the key, but definitely a way to win some major points. You may just wiggle your way into her heart… over and over again.

“The first draft [of writing] is from the heart. You rewrite with your head… The first step to writing is to write. Don’t think.” Though no William Forresters, I had some incredible professors throughout college that said just this. I never thought of myself as a writer, and still don’t, but they revealed to me the importance of writing. That we should all write. That we all have a story to share, and it is ours to share it. When we share our stories and stories of those whose voices are ignored through writing, that is when we change the world.

**recommended books about writing: Writing to Change the World by Mary Pipher, Bird by Bird by Ann Lamott


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