Happy Halloween.

Although I am not a full-throttle halloween fan, the little monkeys have been obsessed with it for months. I have heard about each costume, for what seems like the thousandth time.  There are a bunch of festive parties happening around the event, and of course, everyone is dressed in their long-awaited costume get-up.

I walked by one of my favorite little urchins, dressed like Cinderella.

ME: “O hello there Cinderella! You look lovely today!”

Lil’ URCHIN: “NO, ELLI! It’s me, [insert name]! I am just dressed like Cinderella!”

ME: “OooO! Thank you for explaining… I was so confused…”


Happy Halloween.


One thought on “Happy Halloween.

  1. Ellie~
    I just want you to know that reading your blogs brings me such joy 🙂 I think of you often, especially now as us fourth north girls will soon be ending a chapter in our lives and staring a new one. Thank you for inspiring me, for always living life to its fullest…thank you for being you 🙂


    4th NORTH FOREVER!!!!

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