Kids Say the Darndest things.

My friend is an awesome nanny. She texts me pictures and quotes of her little girl she watches– I nearly die laughing every time. What makes kids so hilarious, are the facial expressions, the tones of voice, and the speech impediments. There’s nothing else like it.

I remember my dad talking about my mom. He said that she was [and is] such a great mom because she was[is] so good at enjoying who we were at that moment– laughing, not getting to wound up about things.

Not saying things aren’t tiring… It’s painful to watch a kid jump off the same wall for the thousandth time, “Elli WATCH! WATCH ELLI!!!”….. “DID YOU WATCH ME?!?!?!” YES YES YES… I WATCHED YOU!!!

But also, treasuring moments that won’t last much longer… my little ginger buddy will grab my hand, not allowing me to wiggle loose. He will refuse to let go until I accomplish whatever it is he has in mind… today it was finding his “ghost face” (a paper plate turned mask). He is stubborn. Will sit on my lap any chance he gets, but any other time refuses any physical touch unless he wants something… and then he grabs my hand and drags me along. I can’t get enough of him.

I’m thankful for people like Kalie, who remind me to laugh with these little guys, to enjoy them, and embrace them.


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