It’s been one of those weeks… the watch-the-clock-can’t-wait-to-go-home weeks. They happen. However, there are some definite highlights.

The weather has been gorgeous. Part of me thinks this will last forever, then I remind myself that I may not survive the winter, that this isn’t the real thing quite yet. Yikes[have I mentioned I am truly afraid of winter]. O well, I will pretend while it’s still 60s, sunny, and no wind [we went hiking last weekend and it was perfect out. Look mom, no coat!]

Our colorado babes went home from the hospital last Sunday. Talk about a miracle. Or two. These little sweet peas are resilient and seemingly unstoppable… better watch out mama and papa, you may have your hands full–in a really great way. Can’t wait to see them [and another on the way] come Christmas!

And tomorrow, my mommy and daddy arrive for a weekend in the glorious city we know as Omaha. So far on the docket: visit Caffeine Dreams [still the only coffee I’m stoked on], maybe cruise through Old Market [cobblestone streets in downtown], if the weather holds up do the walking bridge across the Missouri River, dinner at Pitch [yummy wood-oven pizza] and church with Bridge.

Warning: I have a secret desire to be a legit hipster. I don’t know if I am committed enough/never will be. But, one day, I may report a new hair color, tattoo, and throw in a new piercing for good measure [just kidding about the piercing… I am currently at war with jewelry, hence the tattoo. If only I could find a halfway decent wedding ring tattoo].


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