Thank You.

Anyone remember Creed? In case you need a little reminder–

Well, I remember when I was 14 or 15. The song came on, and I mentioned to my dad that I liked it. My birthday wasn’t long after, and low-and-behold, I got a Creed CD from good ole Pop. Part of me was so annoyed, because they were kinda “laaaame,” and just because I said I liked one song didn’t mean I wanted the CD.

I have never forgotten that. What I always remembered was not that my dad got me a lame-O CD[which wasn’t even lame]. But that he heard me. He cared, liked, and loved me so much, that he heard and remembered. And he showed me through a gift. A CD.

Surgeons often get a bad wrap for not being around much at home. My dad works hard, always has. He was busy. And though I could say he wasn’t home at times, that’s not what I remember. What I remember is a dad who would be with us any chance he got. A dad who would hear us and want to know us. And some of the time that was through gifts. Fun trips to different places, or that favorite toy we loved. When he went to Bosnia as a part of the Reserves, he prepared packages for us to open– each with a note and a little treat inside–one for each week until he returned.

Well, this weekend was another moment filled with gifts– the greatest of them being the visit of my parents. It’s a long trek out here from the West Coast. And my parents are busy people. I know their time is precious, and it’s hard to travel so far and long for a short visit. It was such a treat to have them here. They also brought some treats… which wasn’t so bad either! My dad made his special chocolates… YUM!

Mom brought the Bob’s Red Mill mix we like to make muffins with (which we can’t find out here)…and made little purchases throughout the weekend (like a great Vegan cookbook and a cute pair of cords on sale!). I can go on and on.

That said, I’m a gifts girl… people talk about your love language, and mine is gifts… I feel known, thought of, and valued through gifts.

Bottom line: Caleb and I feel very loved after this weekend[maybe especially me], and reminded of the deep love from our family that never stops.

Thank you parents. I can’t say it enough.


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