Minor adjustments.

We have made two alterations this week that may end up being game changers for us.

The first– as part of my benefits of working for Union Pacific’s Child Development Center, I get to workout at the company’s very nice fitness center, just a block up from where they plop the kiddos. I got my butt in gear and started going before work this last week. Glad I have. Each night, Caleb has commented on how happy I seem… Instead of coming home wiped from a day with little urchins, I am coming back with a lot more gas in the tank. I am attributing it to working out and the extra awake time to focus and center on Jesus.

Secondly– when we moved out here I acquired a tempur-pedic pillow from my parent’s house. At first Caleb rejected it, claiming it was silly. Then, I forced him to try it for a night. He has been hooked since. He sneaks the pillow, switching it with mine, hoping I won’t notice… and we laugh and laugh each time because of how quickly I do notice, and of how much he wants this gem of a pillow. Well, we had a few pennies at Bed, Bath & Beyond and so I bought one for him. Another brand, but just as good. He says he can’t remember the last time he slept this well.

Things are goin’ great here in the heartland… we are having unbelievable weather and looking forward to a long holiday weekend.


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