Caleb is approaching finals week. It’s go time. Well, it’s always go time for him…

We’ve kicked it up a notch in the veggie cooking…did a White Bean Orzo soup from the cookbook my momsie got me when they visited. It was super easy, but needs a little more somethin’ somethin’. I will get back to you with an improved version… that is, hopefully improved. Tonight, I tried doing some black bean burgers. Also super simple (a must for a meal in my kitchen). Again, I will get back to you with the report… Thinking next time I will combo that recipe with this one

Haven’t done laundry in a while. Hope Caleb is still wearing clean underwear.

It’s felt like spring–50’s with sunshine. And I’m not complainin.’ They’re sayin’ we may get snow this weekend… that wouldn’t be so bad either.

We got our first Christmas cards this week! I love it! I love mail, and it’s fun to see and hear from people we love via snail mail.

We are also feeling inspired by and thankful for our church community. I haven’t figured out how to put it into words yet.

We get to go to Denver for Christmas and New Years–see family[new babies] and friends. We are pumped. So excited.

It only sorta feels like Christmas here. The extent of our christmas decorations include paper-grocery-bag-garland and christmas cards from friends and family[I will take the responsibility for this one–lack of homely holiday zeal]. Looks like we will have to try again next year for a magical Christmasland inside the Van Essen home.

IMG_2054 IMG_2055 IMG_2060

We are doing a December date box. We made it up. We both wrote down things we wanted to do[so we don’t leave the other one guessing horribly]. Caleb has mapped out a Christmas lights route for us to explore [with coffee] on Saturday. That was one of mine.


Well this is practically a top ten. Happy December everyone. Maybe tomorrow I will share about my not-so-secret admirer at work. Don’t worry, he’s only three.


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