Love is in the air.

In one of the preschool classes, they were talking about careers… what they wanted to be when they grew up. So, Tuesday they dressed up as their dream career. We had a baseball player, marine biologist, a doctor. Then there was the stay-at-home mom. She brought her “daughter” in, named Rosie because of her rosie cheeks, car seat and all. She was playing with her doll, and I decided she need a little talk:

Me: “Now… don’t just get married to anyone. Make sure you find a good man.”

Future Mama: “I knooow. I already found one.”

Me: “O really?! Who?”

Future Mama: “[Bobby].”

Me: ” O of course. Alright. He’s a good one.”

Some people just know what they want.



Now, I have my little buddy. He came up to me the other day and said: “Miss Elli…. I luv you.” Flattered, I said thank you. His teacher then went on to tell me how earlier he had told her quite the opposite: “Miss teacher… I don’t love you.” HA! talk about brutal honesty. Well, I will take the undying love while lasts. These kids move on quickly. Pretty soon I will be the unloved one.



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