We went to some fancy-shmancy estates to check out Christmas lights. Word on the street is that these were the best ones. We bundled up, it was on the front of our arctic blast that has warmed up since, and got a delicious carmel latte. My favorite.

We had a great time, especially after a long week of studying for Caleb. However, I must say, it didn’t even come close to Thoroughbred Street in Southern California.

To spice things up, Caleb saw a cool Gazebo in the middle of the community lawn. Of course, he had to go check it out. There was no lighting except for inside the gazebo… meaning everyone could see us as if we were spotlighted on a huge stage.


We joked around and danced all silly like. Then Caleb got down on one knee. He proposed, I said YES! [again] and we hugged…next thing we know we got a honk-honk-“WHOO”-fist-pump-in-the-air from a car driving by. HA!

Well, we gave someone a story to talk about.


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